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How much does a fire risk assesment costs

Fire Risk assesment Prices start from £150 +VAT for the first year, consecutive years are significantly reduced.
1 to 2 room shops approx £150
Offices with 2 to 3 rooms on 2 levels start from £250
holiday lets that only occupy 1 family start from £250
Businesses with workshop and offices start from £350
hotels with more than 4 rooms start from £450

Unlock peace of mind with our budget friendly fire safety services.
Fire risk assessment starting at just £150 (1st years price)
(NOTE: the initial year involves comprehensive work, We take plan drawings of the entire area, we go through everything ​meticulously to ensure everything is compliant with the latest legislation. The subsequent years are significantly reduced for your continued safety)
Fire extinguisher servicing prices kicking off at a wallet friendly £40
Fast-track your payment with 7 calendar days of receiving the invoice, and rest assured there are no hidden fee's, what you see is what you pay.
Check out the full details of our  T&C's 

Elevate your safety game with us and make fire safety a hassle free experience.
*The only additional cost may be travelling if you aren't local to Lowestoft.


Fire Risk Assessment

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Fire Risk Assessments are law you have to have one.
But a bad workplace risk assessment is a waste of time. And a really bad risk assessment puts you at risk of prosecution.
We help identify all of the hazards and risks to your employees and your business. You’ll get practical advice on how to identify & eliminate risks, plus a full written report to show that you meet the legal requirements.
The law is changing from October 1st 2023,It now states that if anyone sleeps in the premises all smoke detectors must be hard wired & radio linked, smoke detectors must be installed in every bedroom & living area where direct access cannot be obtained to the outside. ie if you have to go down stairs or through a hallway.
If you need a fire risk assessment in lowestoft please do give us a try.