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fire extinguisher servicing

Fire extinguisher servicing costs

£40 minimum charge,
This covers the initial engineer visit and includes within this price,
3 fire extinguisher basic service & 1 fire blanket service.
Any additional fire extinguishers are charged at £4.50 each
any addtional fire blankets are charged at £1 each
Water Fire Exctinguisher extended service is £20
Foam Fire Exteingiuisher extended service is £25
(this includes emptying, refilling, pressurising & commisioning)
The only additional cost may be travelling if you aren't local to Lowestoft.


Why use Fire Safety Suffolk to service your fire equipment?

  • No hidden charges
  • Includes all service parts*
  • No binding contracts
  • Truly a local comopany.
  • *Note: service parts includes anti-tamper seals, safety pins, labels, o-rings, gauge test for standard UK portable fire extinguishers
Type of Equipment Visual Check Basic Service Extended Service
Water Based Monthly Yearly 5 Yearly
Dry Powder Monthly Yearly 5 Yearly
Foam Monthly Yearly 5 Yearly
Co2 Monthly Yearly 10 Yearly
Fire Blanket Monthly Yearly 10 Yearly

How frequently should fire extinguishers be serviced?

If you have fire extinguishers, they should be maintained and ready to use at any time. 
Fire Extinguishers should be serviced and tested once a year by a competent person. 
The UK servicing standard BS 5306-3 puts the responsibility on the user (i.e. the company) to use a competent person to perform the annual inspections.
 A record of the Service and the due date of the next service should be in your Fire log book and the maintenance label on the extinguisher. 
A certificate will be issued which lists all equipment serviced & inspected.

Fire Extinguisher Supply

Fire Safety Suffolk can supply your business with all makes and types of fire extinguishers to suit your individual requirements. 
As well as any other ancillary fire equipment such as fire blankets, fire safety signage and much more. 
We will be able to survey your premises and offer advice and guidance on the complete process and ensure that you are fully compliant. 
Please Contact us for any further information.

Who is responsible for servicing fire extinguishers?

It’s the duty of a business owner or responsible person to organise the annual service. 
If you are a Business you must be able to demonstrate to a Fire Safety Inspector that you have a “suitable system of maintenance” and have taken appropriate actions “so far as is reasonably practicable” to safeguard your premises, employees and visitors from fire.
The law applies to; commercial businesses, offices, factories, warehouses, community halls, Scout huts, schools, pubs, restaurants, hostels, holiday lets and hotels.
In fact any premises that earns an income or is used by other people.

How often should fire extinguishers be inspected?

Similar to the requirements for servicing, British Standard 5306:2017 also states that a ‘responsible person’ or the person responsible for fire safety equipment on a premises has a duty to visually inspect the fire extinguishers at least once a month to make sure each extinguisher is correctly located in its designated place, is unobstructed and visible, is undamaged and is not missing any parts.
Has its operating instructions facing outwards and are legible, has its pressure gauge or indicator within the correct pressure range, has undamaged tamper seals or OK indicators that aren’t missing.
The results of these visual inspections should be recorded in a fire log book and any corrective action, if necessary, should be arranged. If the ‘responsible person’ has any concerns or doubts, they should arrange for a ‘competent person’ to examine the extinguisher.

Commission​ing & Installation

As part of the British Standard BS5306 part 3, all new fire extinguishers & equipment MUST be commissioned by a competent person. 
I can commission and install all new fire extinguishers on site for you, to ensure compliance with the British Standard.
I can commison your own fire extinguishers & equipment, or I can supply & commision, to save you time and all the hassles of sourcing extinguishers etc.